2018 Featured Projects.

Greenland 2018- Tassermiut Fjord

In the summer of 2018 I traveled to Southern Greenland with my friend Vinicius Todero to climb on the imposing walls of Ulamertorsuaq. Here's the story

2017 Featured Projects.

Pakistan 2017-Gasherbrum Group

During the Summer of 2017 I went back to the intimidating mountains of the Karakoram. This time the Gasherbrum Group was the target.

2016 Featured Projects.


In September I went to try and climb the famous big walls of the Tsaranoro range in Madagascar with some friends. Here is what we got ourselves into.

Rocklands. A bouldering endeavor

This summer (winter in the southern hemisphere) I went to the world famous bouldering area called Rocklands in South Africa. My goal was to improve my bouldering performance and I ended up surprising myself. Dive in for the full story!

Nepal. Ama Dablam

Ama Dablam is known as one of the most impressive mountains in the world, not for it's altitude, but for it's beauty, aesthetics and the pure exposure encountered high on it's flanks. Most parties attempt the SW ridge, climbing expedition style, fixing ropes, ferrying loads, and acclimatizing slowly. 

This is was not the style we climbed in. We climbed light...and we climbed it fast. Check out the rest of the story here:



​​"Welcome to the center of the universe" were the first words my friend Felipe Camargo greeted me with as I cross through the arrival's gate at the Barcelona International airport. Obviously he was referring to the center of the universe when it comes to climbing and indeed it is true.

Why is Spain, especially the Catalonia region considered to be the best sport climbing area in the world? 

Grampians/Arapiles, Australia

The "Gramps" and "Araps" are world class climbing destinations. The Grampians has amazingly bold sport climbing and awesome bouldering. Mt. Arapiles has routes that go as far back as the beginning of climbing in Australia. Bold and hard.

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