About me

Birthdate: October 2nd, 1980

Hometown: Teresópolis, RJ. Brazil

Currently Living: China

Height: 180cm 

Weight: 69kg 

Started Climbing: 1992 


Climbing has been a passion for most of my life. I am completely obsessed with every climbing style; rock, ice and snow, sport climbing, bouldering, traditional climbing, ice climbing, mixed climbing, dry tooling and alpinism.

I have pursued the dream of climbing from very early on in life. I grew up in the mountains of Teresopoils, Rio de Janeiro. My dream of becoming a professional climber turned a reality years ago when I decided to quit my job and hit the road. From then on things fell into place, I now pursue my passion full time exploring unclimbed peaks around the world, trying to perfect the art of climbing.

Marcos Costa


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--Climbing is life---Get out there !